26 November 2014

Islamic State bans contraception, yet there is no outcry against the "war on women"

Those who hate the Church because she teaches the truth often claim - against all evidence and practice - that the Catholic Church seeks to ban contraception and ensure that no woman has access to it. We heard this not too long ago in the aftermath of the HHS mandate.

Certainly the Church wishes artificial contraception did not exist and that men and women did not use it because of the harm it does both to their bodies and to their souls, but she also recognizes and honors the free will of individuals. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop certain politicians and others from continuing to claim the Church desires to ban contraception (when all she has said is that she cannot be forced to provide it or pay for it).

If we turn our attention to the situation in the Middle East, we see that the Islamic State has done what others say the Catholic Church wishes to do so:
Then the fighters moved to abolish family-planning programs and halted the distribution of contraceptives, which had been available to married couples.
When did this happen? In January.

Where did this happen? in Mosul, Iraq.

The Catholic Church's opposition to artificial contraception, which is rooted in the natural law and the truth and dignity of the human person, is often touted as part of the "war on women."

Let us presume, for a moment, that this claim is true. Presuming it is, why have we not heard an outcry against the Islamic State from these same people? Their voices have been silent on this issue about which they claim to be care about passionately. Why?

This is yet another piece of evidence that their real concern is not what they claim to be the war on women; their real concern is about hindering the activity of the Church and ultimately removing the Church entirely from the public square.

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