08 October 2014

Great River TEC: Forming Future Leaders

I have remained grateful to the community of Great River Teens Encounter Christ ever since I made my first TEC weekend in 1995. Since that first weekend, I have remained active in the TEC movement because of the profound impact TEC has had on my life and my faith.

With this in mind, I'm very happy to see a new effort of the Great River TEC community to raise funds to help keeps the costs of TEC weekends low for both candidates and team. Part of this new effort includes a series of videos - titled Forming Future Leaders -with young adults talking about the impact TEC has had on their life. So far, the series has featured two young leaders, Breanna McCaughey and Elyse Hilotin:

If you are able, might I ask you to consider making a donation to Great River Teens Encounter Christ to help the good efforts at nurturing the faith of the young people in Quincy area going strong? Thanks for your generosity!

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