06 October 2014

A new school year begins

PHOTO: Reverend Kevin J. Kimtis
On a beautiful, sunny day here in Rome, as the Third Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops held its First General Congregation on the other side of the Tiber River, the Pontifical Gregorian University began its 464th academic year today (incidentally, chocolate is thought to have been brought to Europe 464 years ago (about July 7th), as well, though the two are probably not related).

During this first semester of the academic year, I will have the following classes:
  • Hierarchical constitution of the Church;
  • Munus Sanctificandi: Other acts of divine worship, places, and sacred time;
  • Matrimony I;
  • Matrimony: Administrative practice;
  • Methodology II;
  • Juridical relation between the Church and civil society;
  • Latin language II; and,
  • Dissolution of the marriage bond
Please remember me in your prayers from time to time throughout this year, particularly as study marriage law, a topic which will likely require much of my attention in the future.

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