10 October 2013

Street preachers arrested for disturbing the peace

For some time now I have been raising cautions about what certainly seems to be a gradual but steady move to a coming persecution of Christians - and of Catholics in particular - in the United States of America.  As might be expected, there are some who agree with my assessment and some who do not and claim I am simply unwarranted.

That being said, I was quite surprised to learn that three members - including the pastor, Aaron Brummitt, of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri were arrested this past Friday for disturbing the peace when they preached in a public park, though they seem to have violated no legal ordinances.

This isn't the first time Brummitt has had difficulties with the police as his preaching has drawn previous complaints of disturbance.

On Friday, when the police moved to confiscate Brummitt's sound equipment he sat on an amp another of the preachers refused to part with a speaker.  According to a police spokewoman:
The lack of verbal and physical cooperation is what led to the arrests, but the situation began because of complaints received in the area.We stand behind the actions our officers needed to take.
Brummitt is to stand trial in December.

Ordinarily I'm not one to support street preachers because they often make gross over-generalizations and presume no one they encounter has a relationship with Jesus Christ. These two realities of their preaching, in addition to others, make them rather ineffective.

However, since it seems they did not violate any law their arrest is rather troubling.  If the volume of their sound system disturbs someone's peace - which I don't know it would - it's time to reconsider the local ordinance and question if 75 decibels is too low a threshold rather than arresting someone.

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