30 October 2013

If a high school student can do it, so can you

Last week one of the young women I know back in my hometown of Quincy posted a prayer request to the Great River TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Facebook page:
I've got a friend who is undecided about what religion he wants to be and tomorrow I'm bringing him his FIRST EVER Catholic mass [sic]. I hope this inspires him to love and come to know Christ!
As you might expect, many of us were only to happy to join our prayers to hers.  Why did he accept her invitation?  Because she loves the Catholic faith, has embraced it, and is not afraid to share it with others.

Today she posted a brief message following his experience with the Catholic faith:
Remember my post about the new kid at mass [sic]? Well today I got a text that read: "Hey, so Church was super cool... Catholicism... I wanna know more."
The Holy Father Pope Francis keeps calling us out to the peripheries to bring the love of Jesus Christ to others; sometimes the periphery isn't so far away.

This particular Christian, a high school student, reached out to her friend and her invitation was accepted.  Who will you invite to accompany you to the Holy Mass?  Who will you speak to of the love of Jesus Christ?  Who will you help learn more about the Faith?

The proclamation of the Gospel is a duty incumbent on every member of the baptized, not just for priests, deacons, and nuns.

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