03 October 2013

Francis, conformed to Christ in life and in death

In all things he wished to be conformed to Christ crucified, who hung on the cross poor, suffering and naked.  Therefore at the beginning of his conversion, he stood naked before the bishop, and at the end of his life, naked he wished to go out of this world.

He enjoined the friars assisting him, under obedience and charity, that when they saw he was dead, they should allow his naked body to lie on the ground for the length of time it takes to walk a leisurely mile.

O, he was truly the most Christian of men, for he strove to conform himself to Christ and to imitate him perfectly - while living to imitate Christ living, dying to imitate Christ dying, and after death to imitate Christ after death - and he merited to be honored with the imprint of Christ's likeness!

- Saint Bonaventure

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