05 October 2013

BREAKING: House approves resolution to allow chaplains to minister during shut down

N.B.: This post has been updated since the initial posting.

The United States House of Representatives voted today to allow military chaplains to minister to the members of the armed forces on military during the government "shut down."

Representative Doug Collins (R-George) introduced the resolution which was approved by a vote of 400-1, with 30 no votes; Representative Bill Enyart (D-Illinois) - a retired General - was the only member to vote against the resolution.  Of those not voting, 16 are Republicans and 14 are Democrats.

If your Representative voted in favor of the resolution, please be certain to thank him or her and be sure to encourage your Senators to also vote in favor of it!

Now we will see what the United States Senate will do with the legislation.


His Excellency the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services, upon hearing of the vote of the House, issued the followed statement:
Military personnel enjoy, like all Americans, the First Amendment guarantee of the ‘Free Exercise’ of religion. In the current political climate, however, nothing can be taken for granted. I am grateful to Representative Collins and the many other House members who recognized the importance of passing this resolution, which reflects the seriousness with which the American people take their Free Exercise rights. It can only be hoped that the members of the US Senate will act decisively in order to favor the same First Amendment rights.

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