13 August 2010

Simply awesome!

Today has been a quiet day here in the rectory, both puppy and pastor being rather tired. As to why the puppy is tired, I cannot say; she slept most of the day yesterday and all through the night. I suspect she's in another growing spurt; she now weighs 44.3 pounds, if I remember correctly from last evening's visit to the veterinarian.

I am likely tired because of the heat and exceptionally high humidity; my joints are very much ready for a good, strong and long storm.

A bright smile was brought to my face a few minutes ago when I saw this on friend and reader Jake's Facebook page:

If it had the White Sword, the shirt would be stupendous.

1 comment:

  1. The white sword wouldn't be appropriate. The old man in the cave gave the wooden sword to link as he started his adventure.