27 August 2010

Father George Ruttler addresses the new translation of the Mass

Father George Rutler is generally a must read on whatever he writes, but this week he is especially so. Writing on the new translation of the Mass, he says:

One thing is certain to a pastor: the only parishioners fighting the old battles are old themselves, their felt banners frayed and their guitar strings broken, while a young battalion is rising, with no animus against the atrophied adolescence of their parents, and only eager to engage a real spiritual combat in a culture of death. They usually are ignorant, but bright, for ignorance is not stupidity.

They care little if the Liturgy is in Latin or English or Sanskrit, as long as they are told how to do it, for they were not told. Some critics of the new translations have warned that the changes are too radical, which is radioactively cynical from people who in the 1960’s wantonly dismantled old verities overnight, in their suburbanized version of China’s Cultural Revolution.
From my experience of but five years as a priest, he is quite right. Go read the full text.


  1. He really nailed it.

    I love the way Fr. Rutler can deliver the sternest of truths in such an entertaining way. I was once on a retreat in which we listened to a tape of Fr. Rutler during meal times. . . edifying and extremely amusing!

  2. That's me - ignorant, but bright. But I don't know if I'm part of a "young battalion" at 40-something. I am immensely grateful to our priest who is offering adult education opportunities. Now I'm not as ignorant as I once was! :-)