26 August 2010

A new blog: Lux Mundi

This morning I happened to see on Facebook that one of my former students has launched a blog, Lux Mundi, through which he hopes to "spread the Light, that light being the truth of the Catholic Faith."

In his second post, about his summer activities with Totus Tuus, he reflects on the current situation of vocations to the priesthood through his experience in a certain city in the Diocese:

The city in which I was working for the work [sic; read "week"] has been known as a seedbed for vocations for our diocese, and I see why. The families are amazing in building culture and faith amongst themselves. The priests seem to know how to get to the people. And the perpetual adoration chapels are numerous. When a city loves the Eucharist that much, as well as the man who helped bring it to them, there is no wonder why so many priests are born there.
Though I do not know, I suspect he speaks of my beloved Quincy. If I am wrong, I am sure he will let me know.

His third post is on diversity in the Church, and his fourth post is a fine reflection on bread. I think he's well on his way to spreading that light. Go ahead: add him to your blog reader.

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