09 June 2010

Why aren't we hearing about this?

You may have heard of the recent murder of the Most Reverend Luigi Padovese, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia and President of the Bishop's conference of Turkey, who was murdered just before Pope Benedict XVI left for his pastoral visit to Cyprus by his driver, Murat Altun, because of a "divine inspiration".

But this is no simple murder. Bishop Padovese was stabbed twenty-five times - eight in the heart - by Altun, who then decapitated the dead Bishop. Afterwards Altun shouted "Allahu Akbar" several times.

It also seems that Bishop Padovese had just cancelled his trip to join the Holy Father in Cyprus because he feard Altun would make an attempt on the life of the Pope.

Why are we not hearing more about this?

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  1. Very good question, considering the horrific nature of what was done, apparently in the name of Islam. I don't listen or watch much U.S. news anymore. No information and usually what is presented is watered down into tiny bits and pieces. The internet is where I get my info now. BBC is a good place to start, along with social media and blogs.
    Speaking of which, you have a great blog. I enjoy your posts, wish you well, and pray for you.
    Thank you.