09 June 2010

From dream to reality?

When I was a boy I loved all things medieval. I still do.

Growing up, my brother and cousins and I spent nearly a third of every day out in the fields and woods pretending to knights and kings, building forts and booby traps and fashioning sticks and branches into daggers, swords, staves and bows (apple wood and shoe strings did a fine job) and arrows (the arrows came from weeds).

One of my dreams then was to own a falcon and now it seems that dream may be a closer reality as two peregrine falcons have been spotted in Adams County.

Of course, if I should manage to acquire a falcon I would need a horse to properly hunt with the falcon, which would require a stable and a caretaker or two. All of this probably keeps this dream firmly in the land the imagination.


  1. I thought about you when we visited Castello de Amoroso in California. Someone built a $34 million dollar medieval castle, complete with chapel (where Latin Mass is celebrated every Sunday morning), a moat and a dungeon. And of course a wine tasting bar. A must see if you are in the Napa Valley.

  2. Oh, by the way, they have a falconer who brings his falcons there for exhibitions too.