15 June 2010


Fr. Marc recently posted the statistics for the Diocesan priests of the Diocese of Honolulu. I thought I might do the same for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois:

112 priests incardinated in the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
76 in active ministry in the Diocese
5 in active ministry outside the Diocese
25 retired and living in the Diocese
5 retired and living outside the Diocese

We are also helped by 4 priests from other Dioceses and by 52 Order priests, 14 of whom are in active parish ministry (17 are retired; 6 serve as chaplains; 1 is in community service [I don't know what that means]; 8 are "supply" priests who fill in here and there; 3 serve in religious community formation; and 3 are in education).

As of July 1, two of our Diocesan priests will retire and one recently took a leave of absence. Consequntly, if my numbers are correct, we will have 74 active Diocesan priests serving 131 parishes.

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