31 October 2009

Relic soon to be enshrined

Ashley, the daughter of my Hawaiian friend Easter, who blogs at, among other places, A Tribute to Our Priests, posted the following picture to her Facebook page:

It shows the location in the Honolulu's Cathedral of Our Lady, Queen of Peace, where the relic of Saint Damien of Molokai will be enshrined during tomorrow's observance of All Saints Day.

Ashley comments that in addition to the expected 1,200 members of the faithful, some 13 Bishops and 1 Cardinal are also expected tomorrow.

The shrine itself appears to be made of koa wood, a highly prized wood on the islands. To either side of the shrine stand two feathered kahili, a symbol of royalty once carried in procession before the Kings and Queens of Hawaii.

I am very much looking forward to returning to the Land of Paradise to pray again before the relic of this holy priest.

Those of you in Hawaii: do take lots of pictures for those of us who cannot be with to celebrate.

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