03 October 2009

The day draws near

With the upcoming canonization of Blessed Damien of Molokai on the eleventh of October, I thought I might pass along this brief biographical sketch of the Leper Priest.

I am, of course, becoming increasingly excited about the pilgrimage for which I leave on Wednesday, and there is much work to be done here in the parishes prior to my departure.

Blogging over the next few days will likely be - as it has these past few days - spotty. Lately I have been occupied with th continuing settling into the rectory, seeing to various financial details and sorting through stacks of paper. I would like to have all of this finished before my pilgrimage.

At the very least, I want to be settled into the rectory so the priest who will be here for the weekend Masses won't have to shuffle through a disorganized mess. This much, at least, I think I can have done.

Saint Jude, pray for me!

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