27 October 2009

A brief update

Here's a quick post just to say I'm still around.

I've been busy around the rectory lately, sorting through old things, tossing things out and trying to organize things. A good, solid dent was made yesterday in the secretary's office and in an upstairs closet, but there is still much to be done.

Last week found me travelling to Chatham, Franklin and Carlinville to hear confessions for various retreats in the area. The trees in central Illinois are beautiful right now, though I fear the leaves won't long be on the trees.

This evening I joined a fitness club in the hopes of fighting off some of the effects of winter I can already feel settling in. As I slowly settle into the rectory, a daily schedule or routine is becoming easier and I hope to soon add exercise into it.

This evening I had a delightful time with the parish choir preparing for Sunday's celebration in honor of all the Saints.

Now I'm off to bed and I hope to post more tomorrow. Thanks for your patience, and know that regular blogging will resume soon, I promise. Tomorrow I'll tell you about a new restuarant I found this evening.

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