07 October 2009

The sunflower room

Currently, the kitchen in my rectory looks like this:

I have taken to calling it, "the sunflower room," but upon my return to Virden I will no longer be able to call it such.
One of the parishioners has very kindly offered to paint the kitchen (cabinets, walls and trim) during my absence in the Eternal City.
The currently yellow walls will be painted "dignity blue." The cabinets and trim will be painted "crewel tan." And the doors will be painted "curio grey."
If you've never played at the Sherwin Williams web site, you just might want to do so. You can select which room you want to paint and then choose a room that looks something like yours. Once you choose your colors the web site can add them to your room and you can get an idea of what it will look like afterwards.
I think I may start calling the kitchen the seaside room.

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