11 August 2009

The weekend

This past Saturday morning marked the third annual Bulldog Challenge, consisting of either a 2-mile run or a 5k run (walkers are also permitted).

The forecast called for a very hot day. Fortunately, though the day was warm, there was a nice breeze to keep the excessive heat away.

I walked the 5k with one of the soccer players who hurt his knee at a recent practice. As we set out he said to me, "My only goal is to finish before you."

When we arrived at the end of the course we were to walk through a set of sensors so a computer could mark our time. There were what looked to be a series of sensors set up and as I entered the sensor area, I turned to the soccer player and asked, "Do you want to go through first to finish first?" But as I said, "go through" a loud buzzer sounded signally that my time was marked. Oops.

One of our parishioners took some excellent pictures of this year's Bulldog Challenge.

Saturday evening saw the beginning of our parish picnic, which continued through late Sunday night.

I spent much of the picnic simply roaming about. I also managed to take a few pictures from the roof of the high school:

As I have done the past two years, this year I again purchased raffle tickets in the name of Pope Benedict XVI.
One of these years he will win a grill and I'll have to present it to him. Maybe that year will be next year!

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