25 August 2009

Another day in the life of this priest

The return of the academic year has left me thus far little time at the computer, as you might have noticed by the lack of posts in recent days.

Yesterday, for example, I taught three classes of juniors about the Eucharist after celebrating the 6:30 a.m. Mass. I'm happy to say that the students - for the most part - listened well and asked good questions. I enjoyed the classes quite a bit.

There was an open period between two classes so I ran an errand and worked on thank you notes in the high school office.

After my last class I went outside to help one of our teachers grill hot dogs and hamburgers for some of the students to eat at lunch.

During lunch the chess club - which I sponsor - met for a good game of Chess 4.

As I was about to leave the high school to return to the parish office after lunch, I was called into a study hall to play another four-way game of chess. It was an invitation I was happy to accept.

Unfortunately, I was easily distracted during the game visiting with students and was knocked out of play rather early. I then made my way to the parish office to do a bit of working before lifting weights.

In the weight room I had a good conversation with a couple of students about stresses and strains in relationships with parents, especially as children grow older and desire more freedom and independence, even as mothers particularly still want to nurture their children and not let go. We also talked about the way things are said and the way things are heard.

Afterwards it was time for soccer practice, followed by a quick dinner.

I then attempted to go to a meeting of the Board of Education, which was held in the new grade school. I could enter the lobby of the school, but since entrance to the office requires an electronic card that I haven't been give, I couldn't enter the office (I was late for the meeting because of practice). Now, I was terribly disappointed about this. Since I couldn't go to the meeting I went back to my office, made a few phone calls and called it a day.

All in all, it was full day and a good one.

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