31 March 2015

To Scotland for the Triduum and for Easter

Ever since I was a boy, I've wanted to visit Scotland for two simple reasons: to look for the Loch Ness Monster and to walk several miles along Hadrian's Wall. So it was with a childlike enthusiasm that I accepted an invitation from a priest I know in Scotland to preach at his parish on Good Friday and to take a Scottish holiday over the Easter break from studies, though I haven't made any firm plans to fulfill either of these boyhood dreams.

Since I accepted the invitation a few weeks ago, I've been keeping an eye on the weather conditions in that part of Scotland. It has been significantly colder there than in Rome this past week. As an example, today's high temperature in Rome is expected to reach 70ºF (at 10:42 a.m., it is 54º), whereas at his parish in Scotland it is expected to reach just 43ºF (which it already is now at 10:42 a.m.). Given my loathing of winter, it seems I maybe should have done a little more research. Still, it's an opportunity to which I am very much looking forward.

I am scheduled to fly out of Rome tomorrow morning, but we'll see how that goes. As longtime readers of this blog will know, I don't have a good history with airlines and weather or with flying over oceans (most of my trans-ocean flights have been delayed by as much 24 hours for weather and mechanical issues), a history which may continue tomorrow.

Last evening, the priest with whom I will be staying sent along this bit of news from the United Kingdom:
Forecasters have predicted Easter Sunday itself will be dry - but still cold and cloudy.
Temperatures will plunge to a low of -1C [30ºF] overnight and up to 5cm [2"] of snow could fall on higher ground in northern England and Scotland.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice across the top half of Britain and has said there is "potential for hazardous driving conditions".

Met Office forecaster Charles Powell said it has been wet and windy and "it is not going to get that much better soon".

He said: "We could see one or two icy stretches in northern parts of the UK. That's because we will see temperatures dropping down to maybe -1C across Scotland and the northern half of the UK" [more].
I managed to avoid snow at Christmas, but I might not be so fortunate at Easter.

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