10 March 2015

God is mocked that you might be honored

The Holy Veil of Manopello
PHOTO: Paul Badde
Wake up, O my soul, and look at the face of your Christ. Look, I say, at that face once shining in blinding splendor, whose clarity is veiled on account of you; that face most beautifully adorned and yet despised because of you; that gracious and sweet face, spit upon in its kindliness; lovingly desirable, now made abominable in its desirability. Look and reflect what the Lord has done on earth. God is mocked that you might be honored; God is scourged that you might be consoled; God is crucified that you might be freed; the immaculate Lamb is sacrificed that you might have a feast; the lance made blood and water flow from his side that you might drink. Therefore, look at the cost of your redemption, look at the example he gave for your instruction.
- Saint Bonaventure

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