20 March 2015

A woman after my own heart

Dr Pepper has had a number of slogans over the years, two of which involved a variation of "Drink a bite to eat" (1920s - 1940s). Some of us have taken this slogan to heart and begin our day with a taste of the legendary twenty-three flavors.

It is sometimes seen as an odd thing - by culinary snobs - to begin the day with a Dr Pepper (or with another soda, though I don't know why you'd bother). The principle difference, so far as I can tell, between coffee and Dr Pepper (aside from the revolting flavor of coffee) is that Dr Pepper, for reasons I do not understand, is that my preferred source of caffeine is not socially acceptable at breakfast. Still, some of us brave through the looks of disdain from certain people and drink a bite to eat in the morning (even if only in the privacy of our inner rooms).

Take 104-year-old Elizabeth Warren of Fort Worth, Texas, for example, who drinks three Dr Peppers each day (and has for almost forty years). In a recent interview, she said, "People try to give me coffee for breakfast, well, I'd rather have a Dr Pepper." She's a woman after my own heart.

She's been cautioned by her doctors for years that drinking so much Dr Pepper would kill her, but, as she wisely notes, "they die and I don’t. So there must be a mistake somewhere."

Might Dr Pepper be the secret to her longevity? I certainly hope not. I have no intention of living even close to 104 years of age, but I also have no intention of beginning my days without a Dr Pepper.

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