07 March 2015

A Prayer for Great River Teens Encounter Christ

Above: Part of the chains that held Saint Paul
Below: The sarcophagus of Saint Paul
I made a little pilgrimage this afternoon to the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls to pray at the tomb of the Apostle for Great River Teens Encounter Christ #298. While there, I wrote the following prayer, largely inspired by Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians:
Glorious Saint Paul,
who did not weary laboring in the vineyard of the Lord
to proclaim the glorious riches of the Crucified Christ,
intercede now for those laboring in the same vineyard
through Great River Teens Encounter Christ.

Inspired by your shining example
and assisted by the help of your prayers,
may they proclaim with lives of joy and fidelity
the true freedom of the children of God
and so lead their brothers and sisters to the Son of God
who loves them and gave himself for them.

You who encountered him who died and was raised
teach the team and candidates to do good to all
and to glory only in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ
so that they, with you, might receive the crown of life
and the palm of victory.

Please join me this weekend in praying for Great River TEC #298.

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