30 March 2015

Papal valet carries papal palm and briefcase

Remember when the Catholic media and the secular media made Pope Francis out to be the most humble man on the planet simply because he carried his own briefcase onto a plane on the way to the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro? In case you don't, here's one of the photos:

PHOTO: Telenews/EPA
Curiously, a picture was taken yesterday following the Palm Sunday Mass of Pope Francis walking with Archbishop Ganswein which shows Pope Francis' valet carrying not only the Pontiff's bag, but also his palm:

This is a photo you don't likely see in the Catholic media or in the secular media. It's also not the only one of its kind. Consider this photo taken April 29, 2014:

PHOTO: CNS/Paul Haring
I am not sharing these photos with you because I do not like Pope Francis; rather, I am sharing these photos with you as a way of demonstrating why you should not simply follow the media - whether Catholic or secular - to know what Pope Francis does or says (as I have also urged here and here, and probably elsewhere besides).

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