25 March 2014

Her voice is most pleasant

The angel Gabriel was sent from God...
Finally, the perfect the consent of love occurs when it is said: Be it done to me according to your word. As Bernard says: "Be it done is a sign of desire, not an expression of doubt." It is also a sign of assertion, as it is said in Psalm 105:48: "Let all the people say: Let it be done, let it be done." Further, it is a sign of affection as in Psalm 118:173: "Be it done by your right hand to save me." For the word and the hand of the Father are identical. And Mary's words can also be the words of prayer, and thus become something desired, because they issue from love, something petitioned for because they issue from humility, and something stated straight-forwardly because they issue from faith. Her voice is most pleasant to humans, angels, and her Spouse. He sought her as the Song of Songs 2:14 says: "Let your voice sound in my ears. For your voice is pleasant and your countenance beautiful." This is what she did when she said to the angel: Be it done to me according to your word.

- Saint Bonaventure

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