19 February 2014

When the Pope changes your plan

For the time being, Wednesdays are the "light" days of the semester, which means we only have two classes instead of four.  Since these classes finish at 10:30 a.m. today and I have a few items to mail, I thought I would take a walk to St. Peter's after class, mail my letters, and return to the Casa in plenty of time for lunch (it's best not to use the Italian postal system).

This seemed like a rather good idea, especially since this morning should be a fine morning for a walk.  Then all of a sudden, I remembered: it's Wednesday.  And Wednesday means the General Audience with the Pope in the Square.  And that means a lot of people to fight through to get to the mail box or the post office.  What was a good idea has been changed by the Bishop of Rome.  I guess I'll go down after lunch when the crowd has dispersed.

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