22 February 2014

Kudos to Winfield

Early this morning I took a look at an article published by the Associated Press written by Luis Anders Henao and Nicole Winfield concerning a priest in Chile who has been sentenced to a life of prayer and penance but has defied by the Holy See.

Being somewhat familiar with Winfield's work, I wondered what misrepresentations I would read. Imagine my surprise when I read, albeit at the very end of the article, these words:
Under then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Vatican streamlined its procedures to allow for such swifter, administrative sanctions to punish priests when the evidence against them is overwhelming.
This acknowledgment comes shortly after explaining with the priest in question received an administrative judgment without going through a full canonical trial: "Rather than subject the priests and victims to a lengthy church trial, which might not end before the priest in question dies, the Vatican can impose an administrative sanction such as the one Karadima received, which essentially renders the man a priest in name only."

Here one clarification need be made: although he does not have permission to function as a priest, he is still a priest, in more than only; the sacrament of Holy Orders, like Baptism and Confirmation, cannot be taken away.

Now, what was that I read? The media actually admitted that the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith actually made the process of such cases smoother, faster, and did not attempt a cover up? It's about time!  Kudos to Nicole Winfield!

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