21 February 2014

Bringing smiles - one ring at a time - and feeling old

I've never really enjoyed talking on the telephone (I prefer face-to-face conversations), but whenever my cell phone rings in public I have a few moments of subtle bliss as a result of my ringtone.  The reaction is always the same.

When the first notes sound, eyes turn towards me as people try to determine what they are hearing.  Then, slowly, a look of intrigue comes to their faces which gives way to an certain expression as they think they recognize the tone, but doubt themselves.  Then, suddenly, as recognition dawns, people are nothing but smiles as happy childhood memories return.

If you know this music and I love it as I do, you'll understand the common reaction when my phone rings:

I suspect the smiles come both because they love the music and because they don't expect a priest to have this as his ringtone.

Why do I bring this up?  Because 27 years ago today The Legend of Zelda was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System:
And with that, I suddenly feel very old.  Back in grade school, whenever I was bored in class, I would make little doodles of Link. I was particularly proud one year when I draw him on one of my brown paper bag book covers.


  1. Never played Zelda but I did sport some brown paper bag book covers. I was wondering recently if this was done anymore. Do high schoolers wrap their books in bags anymore?