08 December 2015

The Immaculate Conception, the lovable, venerable, and honorable one

Today Holy Mother Church honors great Mother of God, Mary, most holy, because of the singular grace granted her in her immaculate conception in light of the response she would give to the Archangel Gabriel.

When he came to her, the heavenly messenger said to the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Hail, full of grace! The Lord is with you" (Luke 1:28), addressing her not by her name, but by a title.

Harley MS 2952 f. 126
In his Commentary on the Gospel of Luke, the Seraphic Doctor, reflecting on these words, sees in them that Mary is lovable, venerable, and honorable:
And in his salutation the angel captures the good will of Mary, stirs up her confidence in him, and manifests reverence. For he shows her to be commendable because of the fullness of goodness, and therefore lovable; to be commendable because of her dignity, and therefore venerable; to be commendable because of the grandeur of her praise, and therefore honorable. And because of these three qualities she has been designated by the ark of the covenant (1.46).
In the Preface of today's Mass, the Church recogizes Mary "to be for your people an advocate of grace and a model of holiness." It is because of her holiness that the Immaculate Conception is lovable, venerable, and honorable. By holding fast to her example and entrusting ourselves to her prayers, may we be found to be the same.

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