11 December 2015

A tender image of the Birth of Christ

One of the things that strikes modern viewers of medieval illuminated manuscripts is the range of emotions displayed in them in many of the images found in them. This is partly why I enjoy them so much.

You will find images of knights fighting snails, rabbits hunting humans, strange creatures of all sorts doing things that cannot quite be determined, husbands mourning their dead wive, mothers grieving their dead infants, and anything and everything in between.

Yesterday Sarah Peverley shared a particularly tender and lovely depiction of the Birth of Jesus housed in the British Library:

MS Sloane 2468
Sarah captioned her tweet - which for some reason cannot be embedded into Blogger at the moment - with these words: "Jesus befriends the animals while angel prepares bath."

The Christ Child, who came to give his love for us, invites our love for him. The angel shows us the way forward through lives of loving service; Joseph shows us the way forward through lives of loving contemplation; and Mary shows us the way forward through lives of loving adoration.


  1. There is a transposition error in the last phase of the first sentence in the last paragraph.

    1. Thank you for pointing it out; it's been corrected. It was the result of a reworking of the sentence.