04 December 2015

Work of Mercy: Sisters need our help to provide winter clothing to Syrians in Aleppo

As we watch the unraveling of society and see so many lives torn apart from afar, many people are asking how they can help, in a practical way, the suffering peoples of Iraq and Syria. With winter fast approaching, the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary has an important way you can help in Aleppo, Syria:
[T]he Sisters want to help 3,500 of these children and 4,300 other needy people by providing shoes and warm clothing. Winters in Syria can be bitterly cold, and winter clothing is more expensive than summer clothing and in desperately short supply. By helping in this way, the Sisters are not only helping those in immediate need but also – by buying the shoes and clothing locally – helping to support the local shops and industries that produce and sell the clothing. In this city, where few people still have work, this is an important source of income for many struggling families [more].
Aid to the Church in Need wants to help cover the cost of this important corporal work of mercy,  which is expecting to cost $74,800, but they need our help or provide, as one of the Sisters remarked, "a smile to many faces and bring a little joy to their hearts."

You can make an online donation directly to Aid to the Church in Need for this project. It's a large sum of money they need to raise, but if each of us contributes a little, we should be able to reach it no time. Perhaps your (extended) family could make a collective donation or maybe even your parish take up a special collection.

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