01 December 2015

The Bat Signal spotted in St. Peter's Square!

Just before 4:00 this afternoon I was about to sit down to do my Latin homework when I said to myself, "Self, it's 63 degrees right now. On December 1st. And the sun is shining. You should go for a walk." Not being one to let beautiful days go by  without being enjoyed, I followed my advice to myself and walk to St. Peter's Square to look at the manger scene unveiled yesterday.

As a whole, it seems simpler than in years' past, but that is not necessarily a bad thing:

Thankfully, it wasn't very crowded
I'm afraid their going to have rather a long wait
They must have taken a short cut
A gentleman always removes his hat
Always hold an adult's hand when crossing the field
The sheep are especially life-like this year
After admiring the Nativity scene, I decided to take a closer look at the ornaments on the tree. The tree this year, so I've read somewhere, is from Bavaria and the ornaments were decorated by Italian children somewhere:

Most of the ornaments were the sort you might expect to find on a Christmas tree:

One of the ornaments, though, stood out from the rest and especially caught my eye:

If I see Batman in the Eternal City, I'll do my best to capture a photograph for you!

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