22 April 2014

Life in Italy: Dry cleaning

Yesterday being "little Easter" throughout Italy, most businesses - and even some cafes - were closed even if they were on Easter Sunday (don't look for logic here) as a way of taking a break after the business of Holy Week and the Paschal Triduum. It is an idea I find quite pleasing and in most of the western world it would not cause too many difficulties, but this is Italy.

Ordinarily, it takes four to five days to have a pair of pants dry cleaned; if Rome has anything like a same-day cleaning service, such as those in my hometown, I have yet to find it or hear of it. You can imagine that such a turn around time sometimes takes good planning, particularly if a cassock needs to be cleaned.

This morning I dropped off three pairs of pants for cleaning and was told they will be ready on Wednesday, the 30th of April, eight days from now. There must be quite a back load of work from yesterday and modern Italians are not known for their efficiency.

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