27 April 2011

Servers say the strangest things

If often happens in parishes the Bishop visits for Confirmations that a group photograph is taken just after the recession.  Consequently, I don't always have the opportunity to thank the mitre and crozier bearers before we leave.  I can thank the other servers who are ahead of me before they return to the sacristy, but the mitre and crozier bearers have a knack of returning to the sacristy before I have a chance to turn around.

With this in mind, I sometimes offer a sign of peace to them and thank for their help.  When I did so last evening, the mitre bearer asked, "Are we done now?"

I may have to find a new strategy.

1 comment:

  1. How about this- You can always have the processions go back to the sacristy, where you can thank everyone at once, and then His Excellency can always go back for pictures than. Where I serve, there are always bishops floating around, and this seems to work for us. Also, this way, His Excellency can give the servers a blessing if he so desires, plus allow him to get a drink of water, or the like...

    Just a few ideas from a long-time server at a place where many bishops come to say Mass :)