21 April 2011

A guest who cooks is always welcome

This evening promises to be a time for both deep reflection and fellowship.

All is nearly ready in the church for this evening's Mass of the Lord's Supper and the dining room is ready for dinner with a few area priests following the Mass.

I've spent a good part of the afternoon in the kitchen laughing and visiting with Father Leo Patalinghug of Grace Before Meals, who will be us for Holy Week.

Here's a picture of the dessert he has prepared for us:

It's delicious.  A happy and blessed Holy Thursday to each of you!


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Fr. Daren,

    It is so amazing that you, Bishop Paprocki, and Fr. Harmon have Fr. Leo with you. I love watching his show on EWTN. Happy Easter!

  2. Fr. Harman and Fr. Leo studied together in Rome.