25 April 2011

Easter greetings from Dr Pepper

A moment ago a status update from Dr Pepper on Facebook caught my attention.  It reads, "Welcome back to those who gave us up!  How did your first sip taste?"

It's nice to see a company acknowledge it's Catholic supporters.  Though I didn't give you up for Lent (my Lenten penance is supposed to be for me, not for others), I'm grateful for your thoughtfulness!

P.S.: Thom, this post is just for you.


  1. One should give up evil not only for Lent but for good!

    Vidi aquam: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1zy93ex&s=4

  2. Notice Mt. Dew brings about Protestant ministries.

  3. The battle, perhaps, but not the war!