04 April 2011

New, or not so new

This could be interesting:
A new History Channel documentary features rare glimpses of the Pope relaxing at home, sipping his "favourite treat" Fanta Orange, watching TV and playing the piano, reports the dailymail.co.uk.

The Holy Father made the unprecedented move of allowing television cameras into his inner sanctum in Vatican City – and the resulting footage sheds rare light on his little-known personal domain.

During the History Channel documentary called Secret Access: The Vatican, Pope Benedict is shown for perhaps the first time taking his daily 7am mass in his private chapel.

The cameras also follow the Pope as he travels outside of the country on a chartered Alitalia jet with seats taken out for extra leg room, as two fighter jets escort the 747 for security.

Viewers learn that Pope Benedict "likes to kick back and watch the news' on television to help him relax".

One of his favourite pastimes is playing the piano and although he complains that his busy schedule rarely allows him time to do so, "Schubert can occasionally be heard emanating from the Papal apartments".
As I recall, there was a German video some years back that already showed us these "new" images.  I know I posted this video, but I can't seem to find it now.

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