19 February 2010

What to do, what to do?

Today I was asked to give a confirmation retreat for a group of 8th grade students toward the middle of March.

It has been a while since I've done such a retreat. Do you have any suggestions for what I should - or shouldn't - do?


  1. Hi there Father!
    I happened upon your blog again today and saw this post. I am giving a confirmation retreat in the middle of March as well. I am focusing on the creed and giving talks on God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Crucifixion, Mary, The Sacraments (especially confirmation), Apostolic Church (vocations), and Communion of Saints (especially witness of the Martyrs). I have some great videos to use, some fun activities (skits, Confirmation Cupcakes (sounds weird, but really neat), and some powerpoints). I end the day with a holy hour in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament with confessions going on at the same time. Hope that helps! I can send you some things if you would like. God Bless!

    - Sister M. Clementia

  2. Confirmation cupcakes? Sounds just what I need for the Confirmation retreat I'm leading next week. Can you please send the details??

    Many thanks.