23 February 2010

Are we next?

Today the Holy Father appointed the Reverend Monsignor Joseph Bambera Bishop of Scranton and Father Terry LaValley Bishop of Ogdensburg, leaving just three vacant sees in the United States. They are, in order of vacancy: Springfield in Illinois, Harrisburg and La Crosse.

Curiously, both of the Bishops-Elect were the Diocesan Administrators of their respective new Dioceses.

Could we be next? Please, Lord, grant us a new shepherd!


  1. Remember, there are still a number of bishops over the retirement age waiting for replacements, so those three vacancies aren't the only places waiting for bishops.

    My money is still on May or later.

  2. I'm aware of those. And the many Bishops who will soon reach the retirement age. The Holy Father may want to fill vacancies before they begin to retire. Who can say?

    I'm still hopeful for an announcement before the end of March. But I could be being - quite uncharacteristicallly - overly opitimistic.