03 February 2010


If the Canadian health care system is a good as some would have us believe, then why would Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams have heart surgery in the United States?

Capello tip to the William Show.


  1. And that's what scares me about "Obamacare."

    My husband's uncle had to wait 4 months for coronary by-pass surgery in England about 15 years ago as it was considered "elective" surgery. Thank God he lasted until the surgery and made it through. Unfortunately he has since passed away, but maybe he would have lived longer had he had his surgery sooner.

  2. maybe it's because there are better doctors in the US, but the health care system itself is better in Canada.

    No offense, but I hate it when folks argue that because people come to the States for something then whatever they have in their home country isn't any good.

    Everyone knows the US has the best higher ed system in the world...but, most of the rest of the world's students don't pay for their education...their Nation invests in the students...which in turn is an investment in the Nation. Yes, we have financial aid here, but nothing like the rest of the world. But, overall our educational quality is better at the higher ed level.

    I wonder if this isn't true with healthcare also...just because we have the best doctors (most likely due to our outstanding educational system) does not mean that our "system" is better or fair or equal.

    Just a thought....Pax.