21 February 2010

On "Ashes"

Over at the Ignatius Insight Scoop, Carl Olson addresses an incorrect lyric in a popular hymn that happens to be on my unofficial forbidden list: "Ashes."

I'm happy to say that - by my request - the song was not sung this year in either of my parishes for the very reason Carl addresses.


  1. It's funny, because this song was chosen for us to sing at Lauds here at the seminary this Friday past, and apparently (unbeknownst to myself) I had quite a look of distain on my face as I was reading the lyrics (the specific ones mentioned in this article) and a friend of mine actually came up to me afterward and commented on it.

    Now, I am only a Second Theologian, but when I saw "we'll create ourselves anew" I simply stood and moved my lips, pretending to sing, but those words were simply not coming out of my mouth.

  2. Do you have a list you are willing to share of your "do not use" hymns?

  3. Let me give that some thought, Jason.