22 January 2010

Who's to blame?

Down in Hawaii, Sarah has been reading the comments on stories about Grant Desme, who formerly played professional baseball for the Oakland A's and is preparing to study for the priesthood (Sarah must be braver than I; I avoid such comments nearly as much as the plague).

Reflecting on those who cannot imagine why a man would want to forsake the world for a good reason, she says this:

Young men raised Catholic should be raised with an openness to the call to the Priesthood or life of a religious. I say should, because I do not think all of them are! And, why not? What are we afraid of? Honestly: IF WE PROFESS TO BELIEVE IN GOD, IF WE PROFESS TO LOVE GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART, ALL OUR MIND, ALL OUR SOUL . . . THEN WE ARE BIG FAT BLOODY LIARS IF WE DENY OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO BE CALLED BY GOD FOR HIS PURPOSE, ESPECIALLY IF CALLED TO THE LIFE OF A RELIGIOUS OR PRIEST (in the case of our boys). We do not love God if we deny Him our children.
You really should read her entire post.


  1. Sarah isn't exactly the shy type, eh? lol!
    I don't mean to clutter up your blog with my thoughts, Father, but I did want to raise my hand (and jump up and down and shout) and let you know how many of us mamas are giving a big "hoorah!" to posts like Sarah's. We love the priesthood. We love our priests. And we've got kiddos who are showing evidence of an inclination toward such a vocation. Keep doing what you do and those youngsters will see in you the same love that is stirring in their hearts...and it will give them courage to continue to answer 'yes' if He calls them.
    God bless you.

  2. She certainly isn't shy, and for that I'm very glad!

  3. Well, I'm chuffed to bits, Father. Mahalo! I just think more of us need to LIVE what we say we believe. Pray for us - we are praying for you!!