28 January 2010

The Lord's ways are truly wondrous

This morning I was interviewed by a reporter about my use of the new media, particularly through my blog and Facebook, in light of the Holy Father's recent encouragement to priests to enter into this new agora.

Many blessings have come to me through this new media, but few have been as touching as a note that accompanied a friend request through Facebook this afternoon.

The one requesting my friendship asked if I was born at St. Mary's Hospital in Quincy and if my mother was Patricia. I answered affirmatively to both and asked who this person knew my mother. She answered:

I met your Mother at St. Mary's Hospital when I took care of her, and your Father, both of them several times. Your Mother I probably knew better than your Dad, your Mother and I would talk after her treatments about just anything and have some laughs. But the best way I can tell you is, I also cared for you when you were born, such a little guy and very cute. Your Mom was very proud. We cared for you for awhile before you left the hospital. When your Mom entered the hospital for the last time, I was assigned to care for her again. So, when the article came out in the Catholic Times about you and the Priesthood, I showed it to my co-workers and you know we all wondered if you were Patricia's baby boy. We all liked her very much, not to mention the cute baby she had. So, since I am the Catholic in our group, it was up to me to find out. Not to be out of line, we just wondered. I hope that you will not be upset with me or with a bunch of people who are proud of the little boy who grew up and became a Priest. Also, my Sister-in-Law and Mother-in-Law live in Virden.
I am grateful to the Lord for this wondrous gift!

The picture is of my mother and me in the hospital sometime after my birth.


  1. Father, that is soooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing that note with us. What a beautiful way that woman spoke of you and your Ma. What an awesome pic!! Look at the joy on her face. WOW!
    --Sarah (northern IL)

  2. Tender, tender, tender. Thank you!
    God Bless You & your parents!

  3. Wonderful, Father. New technologies, when used properly, is such a blessing.

  4. Father, that is so beautifully touching. What a precious gift.

  5. God is still blessing you through your beautiful mother after all these years. She obviously touched the lives of others as well! I am so glad you shared this.

    Now pardon me while I go wipe my eyes...the compute r screen has become strangely blurry...

  6. Father, that's quite a moving note. How nice of your new friend to share it with you, and you with us.


  7. Isn't it amazing how the internet has helped us to connect to so many people from our past - including those who knew us when we didn't know them.

    Beautiful story.