25 January 2010

Follow me

...on all sorts of new media.

In light of the Holy Father's strong encouragement to priests to utilize well the new forms of communication (more on this later today) I thought I might pass on a few ways you can follow my blog.

If you are on Facebook, you can follow me through Networked Blogs. When I post to the blog, you'll see it on your Facebook newsfeed. Currently, I have 200 followers on Networked Blogs and that number grows each day.

You could also join the 75 readers who follow the blog through their Google account.

And don't forget about Google Reader. I can't remember how many readers follow me this way and I can't seem to remember how I once found that number.


  1. You have 129 Google Reader users following you presently. You're also one of the more active RSS feeds among my Google Reader subscriptions. Way to Blog!

    Feed URL: http://dzehnle.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
    Posts per week:13.3Subscribers:129Last updated:9:27 AM (5 minutes ago)
    Last 30 daysTime of dayDay of the week

  2. Father, if you open your blog feed in Google Reader and click on "show details" (at the top right) you'll see how many subscribers you have. At this moment it's 129.