06 January 2010

Blow, blow thou winter wind

...for soon I will be far from you.

I am well known among my friends for my ability - be it either a blessing or a curse - for determining the accuracy of forecasted weather, particularly in the winter months. While I am sometimes wrong in my reading, my weary bones and joints are correct more frequently than the meteorologists.

And so it is that I have found myself fielding text messages and calls to my cell phone today inquiring into the accuracy of the predicted winter storm expected to drop up to seven inches of snow upon central Illinois beginning about Midnight and ending sometime Friday morning.

Yes, my bones agree with the forecast. If we do not receive at least four inches of snow, I will be very much surprised, but very happy, too.

Old Man Winter is preparing to rear his ugly head even as just moments ago I confirmed lodging and a flight for my annual retreat in Hawaii, which I will take in five weeks and return just in time for Ash Wednesday.

O winter, you will not conquer me!

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