26 January 2010

The changing of the chair

Before Mass this morning I sat at my desk checking the status of the world on the Internet (someone has to do it) when I sensed something did not quite seem right with the chair upon which I sat.

I could not quite be certain as to what, precisely, was wrong, but it quickly came to me. I shifted slightly in the chair and realized the back of it lifted up.

When I turned to investigate the back of the chair, the back simply lifted up from the base of the chair. It was then that I realized the rungs of the chair where not quite as stable as I should like.

Presently, the chair looks like this:

I am exceedingly happy the chair did not collapse beneath me. The chair has served it's purpose well these past many decades.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to journey down to the local furniture store and buy a new chair for the desk in my study (if I sort through a bit of paperwork this morning as I intend, I'll post pictures of the study this afternoon).

I am in search not of an office-type chair on wheels, but more of an armed-dining room chair. I've always found these more comfortable to sit in for periods of time. And they help me feel like a medieval magistrate.

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  1. I love this medieval magistrate picture you have left us with. He he he!