22 February 2009

Looking for a good book?

If you are looking for a source for daily reflection and prayer for the season of Lent, let me recommend again to you Daily Prayer 2009.

The book contains the Gospel for each day of the year, together with a short reflection, a few intercessory prayers and a closing prayer. It can be a helpful book for those seeking an aide for daily prayer or a help for preachers in preparing a homily. The intercessions could also be used at Mass.

I was asked to author the prayers and reflections for Advent, Christmas, Lent and much of Easter (through the third week). Many parishioners have purchased the book and found my Advent reflections very helpful. It is my hope that they will also find my Lenten reflections to be of help.

As a sort of preview, here is the reflection I wrote for the Thursday after Ash Wednesday:

Why do we look for great reward here in this life? Why do we convince ourselves that this life matters more than the one to come? In these days of penance, we have a graced opportunity to encounter the mercy of the Lord and to carry our cross with him. If we abandon ourselves to the Lord he will not abandon us, but will cary us to the glory of the Resurrection. For what, then, are we waiting? Let us enthusiastically take up our cross, embrace our penance, and follow after the Master. If we lose our lives in Christ Jesus we will find all that our hearts have ever sought.
For the record, I have already received my compesation for my work and receive no futher proceeds from the sales of Daily Prayer 2009.

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