20 February 2009

En route

I arrived a short while ago on the mainland (thankfully without going through Portland; I'm in Minneapolis/St. Paul), and I cannot say that I'm thrilled to be back.

Time wise, the flight was about thirty minutes shorter than anticipated, due to helpful winds, but the flight did not feel too short. Shortly after reaching our flight altitude, the arthritis in my left hip began to act up, and it is still doing so now. Sitting is not quite a pleasant activity at the moment, though, I suppose, it is tolerable. It does, however, make sleeping on a plane more difficult than usual.

As I exited the plane I could feel the cold of winter and I was none too thrilled about that. It is about 10 degrees here, and it isn't much warmer in Effingham. This past stay in Hawaii has only taught me to despise winter all the more.

Still, I shall try to accept it and offer it for the high schoolers, who seem eager to see me immediately upon my return. They may just have to wait.

My flight to St. Louis leaves in just under an hour, and from St. Louis I have yet a two-hour drive to Effingham. Once I get to Effingham - hopefully by 1:00 p.m. - I will put my pineapple in the refrigerator and lie down for a nap.

On a happier note, it's only a few more hours until we learn the date of Blessed Damien of Molokai's canonization! Deo gratias!

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