27 February 2009

Illinois Petition Against FOCA

From Students for Life of Illinois:

SPRINGFIELD, IL --- House Bill 2354, also known as the Reproductive Justice and Access Act (RJAA) has been dubbed the Illinois version of FOCA. The bill is set to be heard on March 4th.

In response, Students for Life of Illinois has initiated a petition to lawmakers in Springfield to show them that Illinois does not support what HB 2354 proposes. The petition will be presented to legislators in Springfield on March 4th.

"Planned Parenthood is leading a Lobby Day on March 10th in support of HB 2354. We must have a strong showing both in Springfield and for those who cannot make it to Springfield. That is why we initiated this petition. We want every pro-life voice to be heard," said John-Paul Deddens, director of Students for Life of Illinois. "We will get to Springfield first, but it is imperative that we arrive with as much support as possible."

The petition is posted on the SFLI website at http://www.prolifeillinois.com/. Hard copies can be requested to circulate in your local community this weekend.
That same day is also Catholics at the Capitol day; I will be bringing five of our high school students with me that and one of our teachers.

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