07 January 2009

That was odd

I awoke this morning from a dream just before my alarm went off. At the moment of waking, in the dream I was metamorphosizing into a fish.

I've no idea why. Perhaps I was a young King Arthur being taught by Merlin:

Who knows. (I was unable to locate a video of the actual transformation.)

What I do remember of the dream was that the process of the transformation was rather painful, but as I became more and more a fish the less painful it was; it even began to be comfortable. Untill I realized I was not in water. That's when I awoke.

As I pondered this dream for a bit I realized it realized the growth in holiness.

At first, growing in holiness is painful as we die to our own wants and begin to live for God and neighbor. The more we grow in holiness the more comfortable - the more "natural" - it becomes and we begin to need holiness to thrive, much as a fish needs water to live.

I hope that makes sense. I'm rather exhausted this morning; the weather is not being kind.

I must now be off for Mass, after which I will head to the See City for another meeting of the Priests Personnel Board. I hope to return to Effingham in time for wrestling practice, which will be followed by a meeting of the Pastoral Council. A day of driving and meetings. Wahoo.

To leave on a more pleasant note, here is one of my favorite parts of The Sword in the Stone:

Have a good day!

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